Once upon a time in the countryside not far from Balham, lived a brother and sister called Bertie and Boo.

Bertie and Boo were not like any of the other boys and girls, for they had a secret. When they were little Bertie and Boo's grandfather had shown them something that changed their lives forever, he had shown them the art of magic!

As Bertie and Boo grew up, they became real magicians. They began to entertain lots and lots of people (some little and some big) with wondrous magic shows, using their magical skills taught by their grandfather.

Who are Bertie and Boo?

Bertie and Boo come from a truly magical family! In fact, they are the third generation of magicians in a glorious family tradition. It all began with Bertie and Boo's Grandparents Martha and Derek.

Family photo albums tell the fascinating story of this magical couple who designed and built their own ingenious props for their frequent magical extravaganzas. Many of those props are still used by Bertie and Boo in their stage work to this day!
When Martha and Derek got too stiff to squeeze into their stage costumes, Bertie and Boo's mother took over. Performing under the name ‘Lollipop', she continued the magical family tradition - often bringing the young wide-eyed Bertie and Boo into her act. 
By the time Bertie was twelve (and Boo just eight) they were already performing intricate magic shows throughout the country. Inspired by all this magic, entranced by a childhood filled with spells, illusions and the heady whiff of greasepaint, Bertie and Boo just had to make magic their lives!