Are you a regular visitor to Bertie and Boo?

Annual membership is a cost effective and stress free way of visiting Bertie and Boo as well as taking advantage of exclusive offers and extras! Member benefits include;

  • Free entry to Adventure Island soft play SW17
  • Unlimited and guaranteed entry to daily magical story times SW17 (with no queueing!)
  • Free entry to our big public magic shows that run throughout the year
  • Upgrade to our top package and exclusive extras when booking a birthday party
  • Regular offers on food and drink at all branches (follow on Twitter to see these:)

Membership costs: £249.00 per annum for a single membership. £299.00 per annum for a family membership (up to three children, two of whom must be siblings)

To become a Bertie and Boo crew member, please call the events team on 0203 620 1785 and we will be happy to help.

All aboard the member-ship!