Bertie and Boo Garden & Park magic show parties are packed with fast-paced magic, comedy and fun.

One hour magic shows include a hilarious interactive family magic show, a visit from one of our delightful (and usually very naughty) puppets, a birthday present magically conjured from thin air by your little one, songs, dancing competitions and quirky props.

Two hour parties include all of the above, a break for tea and then the children are back on their feet for an upbeat games section which includes
shark infested seas, parachutes, air cubes, pass the parcel, limbo dancing, disco dancing and so much more!

Party tip! If your little one is 3 years and under we suggest you send your invites out for a one and a half hour party (they start to wilt at two hour parties) book Bertie and Boo for one hours entertainment concluding with lunch or tea.


  • One hour Garden & Park magic show party £185.00+vat
  • Two hour Garden & Park magic and games party £250.00=Vat